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Support for Bookkeeping

Take away the daily pains of bookkeeping, and talk to ManageMe about their fixed price packages to manage your accounts.
If you like getting paid faster and want to keep on top of your accounts, speak to us. We are experts in everything back office with Xero certified staff.

Why Outsource?


ManageMe are already trained and competent in many Real Estate systems. Reduce the hand holding period required with new staff and use our simple “plug and play” service.

Quality of Output

With an NZ based management team overseeing staff you can have confidence in the quality of the work and that the staff training will meet local regulatory requirements.

Scaling for Growth

ManageMe gives you the flexibility to change your level of service and output as your business grows. This is available without the overheads and legislative requirements associated with hiring employees.


Do you want to be more consistent in your delivery? Perhaps providing regular content on social media or completing tasks that always seem to be on the back burner. Achieve faster turnaround times and complete repetitive tasks on time every time.

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How We Can help?


Admin and listing support, data mining, sales and marketing support, social media management and more!

Business development

Lead generation, new business, sales and marketing support, sales process and CRM automation.

Digital Marketing

Campaign research and creation, content writing with call to action, e-marketing, automation and workflows.

social media

Elevate your online presence, maximise your channels, engage and manage your audiences for new business.

Property Management

Everything from your daily receipting and reconciliation to managing water rates, lease renewals and more…


    Set up processes & systems to improve your day to day operations.

    Financing Assistance

    We can prepare and check documents, manage your email, inquiries, customer service and more…


    AML processes,
    E-filing, document auditing and more…

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