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Why hire and train someone new, when you can “plug-and-play” an expert? ManageMe staff are proficient in MRI softwares, Palace and Property Tree, as well as PropertyMe and Console. Utilise your teams to their best strengths, and outsource your back office with ManageMe.

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How we can help you

Daily Receipting &

Our team ensures accurate recording of rent payments and reconciles accounts daily, providing you with up-to-date financial records for your properties.

Accounts, Billing & Disbursments

We handle all aspects of accounts management, including billing tenants, processing payments, and disbursing funds to owners, ensuring smooth financial transactions.

Arrears & Tribunal

Our experts manage arrears efficiently, following up with tenants and taking necessary actions to resolve outstanding payments, including tribunal proceedings if required.

Lease Renewals &
Rent Reviews

We handle lease renewals and rent reviews on your behalf, ensuring terms are updated accurately and rent adjustments are fair and competitive.

Healthy Homes &

Our team ensures your properties comply with Healthy Homes standards and other regulatory requirements, conducting inspections and implementing necessary measures to maintain compliance.

Virtual Property

With our virtual property manager service, you can access property management support remotely, including tenant communications, maintenance coordination, and financial reporting.

Virtual BDM

Our virtual BDM service helps you expand your property portfolio by identifying new investment opportunities, conducting market research, and building strategic partnerships.

Advertising & Social Media

We handle property advertising and social media promotion, creating compelling listings and engaging content to attract tenants and showcase your properties effectively.

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