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If you need a rockstar for your admin, sales, or marketing, but don’t have time to hire, train and manage someone new, then we have the solution!

From only ten hours per week, you can plug and play an expert to manage all your back-office tasks. Our Kiwi based management team ensures all your day-to-day tasks are running seamlessly.

ManageMe’s cost-effective service offers skilled professionals who can get the job done!

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Trained Staff

Our teams have a variety of professional skillsets that can help your business run like clockwork!  You can get professional support from as little as 10 hours per week!


Reduce Costs

No need to worry about recruitment, setup costs or cover for staff. We have your back, ensuring you are fully resourced and supported throughout the year.


Systems & Procedures

Having a process leaves less room for error, creates consistency and a measurable output. We manage our teams against this framework so your tasks get done on time, every time.

Get a Tailored Service for Your Kiwi Business

Trade & Services Support

Get your business running like clockwork with
professional support!

  • Get paid on time with quoting, invoicing and payment claims
  • Customer service, inbox management, general inquiries
  • Grow your business with marketing and business development
  • Streamline your back office tasks for efficiency, transparency and reporting
  • Manage timesheeting and payroll
  • Job scheduling, billing & accounts management

Sales & Marketing Systems & Automation

Need an extra pair of hands? Our sales and marketing experts can do everything from follow up your existing clients, to help your find new ones! We can:

  • Setup & configure your sales CRM, migrate data.
  • Create elaborate automations to nurture a sale
  • Grow your business with marketing and business development
  • Direct marketing, calling, follow ups and feedback
  • Create and manage your social media platforms
  • Create and manage bespoke advertising campaigns

Property Management & Real Estate Support

Getting expert support helps you focus on your client and their greatest assets. You cant trust our property management and real estate specialists, to:

  • Manage daily receipting & reconciling of accounts
  • Process & audit contracts and agreements
  • AML & compliance support
  • Water rates management and processing supplier invoices
  • Software configuration & reporting
  • Create market or rental appraisals

We Partner With All Your Favourite Software Solutions


Trade tasks best suited to outsourcing

Trade tasks best suited to outsourcing

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Benefits of Delegating Property Management Services

Benefits of Delegating Property Management Services

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Gerald O’Brien

” Working with Tatjana and the ManageMe team has been outstanding. We’ve achieved all objectives to date and Manageme’s service offering has contributed to the growth of our organization at a swifter rate than projected, validating the quality and professionalism of their admin and sales support services. Highly recommended. “

Golden Buckle, Director

Tod Crosby

” ManageMe are an integral part of our team. A great asset! “

Director, Pimp My Garage

Kevin Adams

” Really great guys to work with… Know what they are talking about and can take a lot of the “processes” off your hands – highly recommended “


Natalie Jenkin

” Although hesitant at first to hand over such delicate processes the ManageMe team totally surpassed my expectations. They are careful and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Tatjana and Mike for always keeping in contact and making my life easier by the day. “

Business Manager - Ray White Papamoa

Jake McLachlin

” I love how they bring ideas to the table and are always looking to increase the level of service they provide. The outsourcing saves a lot of time and is crucial to completing a variety of tasks that otherwise get put on the back burner. Highly recommend! “

Marketing Manager, OPES Partners

Marc Zabern

” We have been working with ManageMe Services for the past 3 months and saw an immediate improvement in marketing content and conversion of sales. Great team to work with and we working on our 2022 marketing strategy. “


Bronwyn Inglis

” Fantastic service that has taken the stress out of ensuring that we are staying consistent with our services. All the background work taken care of to allow us to get on with our day and be more productive ”

Managing Director

Allister van Mil

” These guys are great. Highly Recommend!
They really listened to our concerns and needs. Then helped identify the pain points and bottle necks of my businesses, which I’ve now outsourced to them. The Quality of the work has been above expectations too, even through it was off shore. I worked with their business development manager and she was worth every penny. These guys have managed expectations, gone above and beyond, created an easier workflow and helped with expansion and generation of husiness “

Managing Director

Barry Constable

” We are really pleased with the support from ManageMe. By following our own procedures, ManageMe made onboarding their service easy, efficient and cost-effective, without any interruption to our business. The team are friendly, capable and helpful, we really rely on them to support the growth of our business.”

Accounts Manager, Wendell Property


” We had struggled with payroll since our timesheets were done manually. ManageMe has been doing our payroll and with the software they are using, it was easier for both our employees and the management to take care of our payroll needs efficiently and accurately. ”


Amber Joelle

” Super professionals, friendly, efficient and creative team! We use ManageMe for a variety of their services and 10/10 would recommend. ”

Business Development Manager, Ashley Homes

Kurt Smith

” Great communication and service. “

Key Account Manager

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