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A lot of our time gets bogged down filling out forms then entering that same data into our CRM. Technology has come a long way, and you don’t need an IT specialist to create smarter and more efficient workflows for your business. ManageMe are software partners with some of the worlds most powerful CRM’s, so you can count improving your day to day operations with a simple, cost effective solution.

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How we can help you

Handling Inquiries

We manage inbound leads through e-mail & online channels to ensure all potential leads receive timely responses and personalised attention.

Quotes & Invoices

Our team prepares accurate quotes and invoices tailored to your business needs through Cloud software for clear communication and smooth transactions with clients.

Job Management

We streamline job scheduling, assignment, and progress tracking for efficient workflow management and timely completion of projects.


Our comprehensive reporting services provide valuable insights into sales performance, marketing effectiveness, and business operations, empowering informed decision-making and strategy refinement.


We facilitate smooth onboarding processes for new clients and team members to assure seamless integration and alignment with your business objectives.

Timesheet Management

Our team manages timesheet tracking and reporting, guaranteeing accurate recording of work hours for payroll processing and project billing.

Material Ordering

We handle the ordering and procurement of materials and resources required for projects, coordinating with suppliers to guarantee timely delivery and availability.


We handle payroll processing, including calculating wages, deductions, and taxes, and maintaining accurate and timely payments to employees.

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